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Originally Posted by mohod1982 View Post
so all that counter-promoting ufc stuff was all talk? I like this plan better
Lol. Yeah, I would love to see the UFC try that strategy now. Airing old fights on a relatively second rate cable channel.

Originally Posted by Curly View Post
Letter to Fedor:

Fedor, I love you. I worship the ground you walk on, but who in the hell is Brett Rogers? I've never heard of the guy. I know you think Dana is an ass clown, but can't you make your "Crazy Russian" manager get you better fights than this? Can't you tell him to at least find guys who people know?
My dream of watching you fight the best fighters in the worlds is over, I will follow the masses and foolishly continue to call you the best heavy weight ever; in return all I ask is that you fight guys who stand a chance of winning.

P.S. tell your wife and kids I said hi.


What don't you people get about this?

Fedor is from a different universe as far as fighting goes. It has nothing to do with Brett Rodgers.

At least Rodgers has a punchers chance, that's better than any other fighter in the world has against Emelianenko.

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