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I do believe we need some Melvin Guillard demotivators around here. I don't have photoshop (and I'm posting from my phone anyway) so here are some lines I'd suggest using

"I'ma let you finish in a second, I'm happy for you Nate, but Joe Stevenson has one of the best guillotines of all time!"

"Submission Defense: Melvin doesn't need it"

"The Guillotine: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me thrice? Wtf you smoking crack? Oh...wait"

"Deja Vu: Familiar, isn't it?"

"Deja Vu: I have a feeling this has happened before."

"Melvin Guillard: 'Here's my neck, take it'"

"Winning the standup: Doesn't mean jack when you dive into guillotines"

"Spelling-wise: Guillard and guillotine are pretty similar, aren't they?"

"Melvin Guillard: Over 50 career fights and you still can't defend the choke."

Have at it!
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