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Originally Posted by DBGUY

fighers of the future beat the older guys and then its time for the older guys to move on, happen with shamrock v franklin, the older guyz age and cannot exploit the younger guys weakness, he loses and makes the new guy popular just like brandon vera beating frank mir.

i didnt use to watch ufc before so i didnt know who tito ortiz was until he beat shamrock first time, which is like most guys in my school tito ortiz beat shamrock who was popular because of WWE. beating Shamrock made tito more popular so popular infact he made his own clothe label ( his clothes are overpriced and really do suck)
Have ta help ya again on this one.....But..this sounds like Tito gaining cross over appeal to (ugh) pro-wrestling fans. Nor does your above explanation fit what's known in wrestling as "putting over" according to the "time honored tradition". (....again see Ric Flair vs. Harley Race, Hulk Hogan vs Ultimate Warrior....Brett Hart vs. Shawn Micheals)

Ortiz, at the time, was the UFC premier poster boy. He was already known by N. American MMA fans by the time he fought Shamrock the first time PLUS he was champ.

Their feud had been brewing during Shamrock's stint in the now defunct WWF where he made famous his "World's Most Dangerous Man" moniker.

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