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Developing my workout

I need some help figuring out my workout regiment. There is so much bull floating around that its hard to work through all the crap to find whats good. I have a very good diet and Im in excellent shape. I am just looking to step my game up a bit. Im not an mma fighter, but I love to fight and love the martial arts. I've been doing american style kick boxing for about two years now.

This is what I am looking to do. POWER POWER POWER! Strength is only a secondary concern for me, I am naturally strong. I want to put about 20 pounds of muscle on though, after joining the army I lost A LOT of weight and just don't feel as good as I used to. So its time to get back up a few weight classes. I do a ton of cardio as is so that not necessary in this plan. I have a pretty good idea of the exercises I want (feel free to make suggestions though). What I need to know is training frequency, reps vs. sets, rest time between sets, how long to stay on one routine before switching it up, and how much weight I should be throwing. If you know of any really good workout please feel free to include a link!

Thanks all,
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