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Well Technique is really the most important thing before any sort of Power,because practicing an incorrect punch will just hurt you more then your Target.Once you have Perfect Punching form (with more then just the Cross) then doing all sorts of Training comes into play more.Now as far as training your muscles for more power,well the closer you train to simulating a Punch the better so don't bodybuild thats just useless bulk.The usual way is to train like you punch.Such as Punching while holding resistence bands pulling back on your arms or doing Tire drags for more drive and power and when you do weight train use explosive Lifts like the Power Clean/Power Snatch.After that you'll do General Strength training like Power Lifting but with Full Movement and no Special equipment,Powerlifting is Officially the Squat,Dead Lift and Bench Press all done with PERFECT STRICT form and with a heavy Rep range (1-5 Reps)How ever as an MMA fighter you'll do other exercises and all with FULL Range of MOTION(Such As Heavy FULL SQUATS).The reason you must power lift is because usual Bodybuilding will bulk you up and cause you to change weight class plus you will not have maximum muscle recruitment so you'll be weak compared to your size.Now like they said earlier With out a Strong Core your LEGs can Be Power Houses and your Upper Body as Solid as a Brick but the power your Legs Generate will not transfer completely to the Punch.So Core work is a Must.But still Punching form before anything most of all because a Diesil Explosive Guy can punch the wrong way and break his own hand,lol.

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