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Originally Posted by Davisty69 View Post
Any thoughts?
OK. You're both right and wrong here.

You're right that Strikeforce needs to go on the offense - which they've slowly and steadily been doing. However, you're wrong to even suggest that they should go "head-to-head" with the UFC.

Dana White was correct when he said that would be like trying to compete directly with McDonald's from the position of a start-up.

It's just not what intelligent businessmen do. There's a strategy for growth in business and it's all about monopolizing your market. The UFC has monopolized its particular market, so unless it is seriously flawed competing with them in their market will just result in Strikeforce being the UFC's XFL.

What Strikeforce needs to do is find a niche market and run with that.

Maybe it's something radically different from what they're doing now.

Maybe it's similar fighting styles but with a different format. Maybe it's to use their international contacts more effectively and let the UFC have the USA if they can trade for the rest of the world.
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