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Originally Posted by Evil Ash
Ey, pt447 is cool.

You know, I have thought of Mirko as the 'second best' as most people that know Fedor and Mirko do. But, now when I think about it, what makes Fedor better? First off, records don't mean anything. Anybody can have an off day or get lucky. And the most important fight is always your next fight. Yes, Fedor did beat Mirko. Couture beat Liddell and Liddell went on to beat Couture twice. Barnett beat Nog and then Nog beat Barnett. There are many examples. Fighters train all year round and usually they continue to get better. The fight against Fedor was in late August of 2005 and we are now in 2007. There are guys that Fedor has had trouble with that Mirko has embarrased. So, really, who is to say that Mirko isn't the best in the world? Until they were to fight again, you couldn't really say and even then luck or bad luck could be on somebodies side. You know?

Also, people should not under look Sanchez. Yes, he is going up against a World Class striker but why should people doubt Sanchez? You heard the man, when he connects with his right hand, whoever they are, they go down. Left high kick, right hand, same shit. A punch is a punch, a kick is a kick and at the end of the day Mirko does outclass Sanchez. But, Sanchez might have a head like Kazuyuki Fujita's.. You know, whatever.. Mirko has been knocked out before. Do they hit as hard as Sanchez? I don't know. Does Sanchez hit as hard as them? I don't know. Has Sanchez been knocked out before? Perhaps, I don't know. Who knows? Nobody really does. And they're the little things you need to think about. I think it should be interesting.
Umm who has Mirko embasrrased that Fedor had trouble with? Since Fedors been to Pride hes went to decision with 2 guys other than CC, Nog who beat CC and Schilt who CC never fought but would probably beat him because of the match up. Based on the information we have we hacve every reason to say Fedors better than Cro Cop, theres really no information what so ever to rank Mirko ahead of him.

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