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Originally Posted by johan View Post
thanks for post

but what is IMO?
condition training is great but im so low fat i weight 72 kg 1.83m, i am pretty strong but i want to gain some weight.
if you train for 2 hours you dont eat?
i eat alot but dont gain much weight...

and sometimes if i go sparring i get pissed when i get hit an get angry...what can i do about that?
and sometimes i get so much lowkicks i hate training..
can you give some advice.?

IMO = In my opinion.

You probably have a fast metabolism, I suffer from the same thing. I eat and eat but never put any weight on. Try finding some nutritional information on muscle building, I'm sure there'll be loads of web-sites out there, just google it. There's always supplements (things like Creatin) aswell which put on a lot of muscle if you train accordingly.

As for your anger, use it against your opponent and try not to panic if/when you get tagged. Any combat sport or martial art comes with discipline. It's something that comes with practice and countless sparring sessions.

Defending leg kicks is known as checking. Try to check them by lifting your defending leg so that your knee is in the air (as if you were kneeing air), and always point your toes and foot upwards so that your shin is more protected by cartilage and muscle. This is something that's very hard to describe over the net but I'm sure there'll be some vids on yotuube or something on checking kicks.

Again sparring over and over with knowledgable and respectful training partners will sharpen you up and eventually it'll all come naturally.

Edit: Checking kicks is a lot harder than it sounds. But it all comes with practice, it's not something that you can learn overnight.

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