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Originally Posted by swedish_fighter View Post
I agree with some of the other guys, this is dangerous.
I see you guys do have a "referee" but he need to know some rules or you guys will probably end up hurting each other.

Not only is this Smidget punching to the back of the head but he also punches cody at the spine (or very close to) during (1:22-1:25)

Thats nothing to recommend and are not allowed for a reason.

Also if you guys are going to use kicks you should work some on the flexibility (stretching), it looks horrible..
Yea, I understand that, We've actually had alot of it reinforced now. Better "Ref" and a lot of rules clarified.

Thanks for all the feedback guys, It actually helped a lot. Sorry about the MMA rule not passing for your states yet, I hope it does.

Also Swedish Fighter, Nice name. I'm Swedish Myself.
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