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Originally Posted by BJJ Boy
Well, are you implying that youve never done mma before?

If you havent done any martial art until now, i say you dont do it.

Im not saying youll be bad at it, but think about it, like 90% of good mma fighters have been doing thier martial art since 13.

Unless youre willing to do it 9 times a week for 3 years, i dont think you should do it.

But since you said you like mma, maybe you should work for them, like scout for them or something lol.

~best wishes.

I have to disagree, I believe Rich Franklin didnt start till he was around 24 and he started learning submissions from a DVD. I agree that too learn some of the traditional martials arts that arent perhaps as good for self defense but have alot more moves too them that starting young is needed but i think for MMA my age isent too bad. I've seen people who have done kickboxing all their life get destroyed in the cage by someone who is just a natrually good fighter.
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