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Will dancing make Chuck a better fighter?

Just wondering what factor his poor footwork played in his decline. Not that his footwork was horrible, but it certainly wasn't A. Silva quality. It makes me wonder if Dancing with the Stars is actually going to improve his game, if he indeed chooses to return. He's under some serious coaching right now, and just survived another week. The show has actually made some pretty good dancers out of some very unlikely contestants.

To be perfectly honest, he's not doing terrible, but not that great either. But he should start improving as the weeks go on. If he keeps surviving, he'll likely become a very good dancer, with much more coordinated feet. Ballroom is some pretty serious stuff. But would that be enough to make a difference in his fighting??

As I analyze his last 2 fights, I had him ahead and would have picked him to win right up until the KO's. If that wasn't the case, I wouldn't even speculate about this. I'm not thrilled about the prospect of him coming back, but can't help but be curious about the benefits of better footwork. Or is it just an issue of declining reflexes? Can't help but wonder.
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