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Sparring at the pro gym.

First round I landed a head kick almost right away and knocked him out or at least stunned him pretty good so I was left shadowboxing the rest of the round. Then I sparred Kajan and we had some good exchanges, he took me down twice but on the second take down seemed to have pulled something and had to pull out. Shadowboxed the rest of the round. Then I went in with another fighter in the ring and we had some good exchanges, he was winning overall with a few takedowns. Sparred 3 other guys but it was broken up over a round or two as people dropped out, one of them was Todd Gouwenberg and I found out later another was Jason Day. I got taken down alot but finally got some lateral movement working and am beginning to understand how to stop them. Good sparring, didn't get tagged too much. Kajan was pretty happy. All my shit hurts but nothing terrible. Mostly my ankle. Pele's class tomorrow is a judgement call.
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