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Originally Posted by samurice
The rules don't even matter much at all. Both guys want to stand and trade because they both have horrible ground offense. Except in the UFC Silva can use his elbows, so he'd actually do better in the UFC against Chuck than if they were fighting in Pride. I have no clue why people would think the UFC rules would hurt Wandy against Chuck.
About the only thing that I can add to that: Just because Wanderlei can't stomp guys while they're down, or throw soccer kicks to their head, doesn't mean he won't stop using his MT Clinch to Knee repeatedly. Open up the fact that he can throw elbows, and your trading one piece of offense for the other.

When Rampage stopped Chuck, it was in the clinch. When Cotoure stopped Chuck, it was in the clinch. Granted Chuck has gotten a lot better since then, but Wanderlei's style fits the mold.

But Chuck has gotten a lot better, and has a lot of skills that he hasn't needed to dip into. He also has the potential to put opponents to sleep with one big punch.

This is going to be good.

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