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How to Embed youtube videos

This is an instructional on how to post with an embedded youtube video in your post.

First you need to head over to to find the video you want to include in your post.

When you find the one you want look for the embed information on the page as seen in this screenshot:

You then right click on this string of text and select 'Copy'

You then can start a post. On the editor for this forum you need to look for the 'youtube' embed tag button with the rest of the editor buttons.

After you click this button you will have this in your editor:

You can then right click where it is marked in the above screen shot and select 'paste' to put your previously copied embed information between these two tags.

You should end up with what looks like this:

You are almost done now!

Make your remarks outside of the tags and then submit your post!!

Good luck, and I hope this helps!

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