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Enough Speculation on Rampage

Itís almost without fail that every time I open my favorite blog, news site or video search that I find a new ďtwistĒ to the Rampage saga. Enough already. Rampage has moved on to acting, whether it be for the moment or for good doesnít matter.

Itís time like this that we all have to have a little bit of Obama in us. Those close to the President know him to be the kind of guy that cares about you as long as you are useful to him and once you are no longer useful he wastes no extra energy on you. Letís do this for Rampage. Letís face it, there isnít much Rampage is doing at the moment that is of interest. Sure, he is sans-mohawk in the A-Team, but who gives a shit.

And on a personal note, Rashad, ENOUGH! You canít talk shit to save your life. Yes, we all know you are cocky, but so is everyone in the cage. Consider yourself lucky that you donít have to do a pre-fight build up with Rampage because he would have run circles around you with shit talk. Not to mention, the point of the shit talk train is that eventually someoneís mouth is going to get shut. Thatís not happening at the moment. However, If you keep the ďAw Schucks, I wanted to fight RampageĒ mentality, there is a man from the slums of Brazil who is going to do you some harm and I will enjoy seeing it.

As far as Iím concerned, Rampage is dead in the MMA World. He will be missed and he will be remembered and there is always a chance of a resurrection, but until then I will not waste anymore of my time on him.

Am I alone on this people?

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