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How Much Do UFC Fighters Actually Make?

Every time I'm critical of the level of salaries that UFC fighters make, someone always shoots back: "but they always make a TON of sponsorship money!"

Invariably these claims are NEVER backed up with actual facts. Obviously, UFC fighters don't have sponsorship deals on the level of a Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, or even that brat Serena Williams.

Instead, it's Full Tilt Poker, condomdepot, guns 'r us, or some other semi-shady operation. And then there are the various supplement companies. These names aren't exactly comparable to McDonald's and Pepsi.

So what do contending fighters actually earn? I'm talking about fighers on the level of say, Keith Jardine, Cheick Kongo, or Frank Muir. Mid six figures annually? A lot less?

It's really sobering when someone like Frank Muir earns $45,000 as part of the main event of UFC 100, the biggest fight night in UFC history, but pays $60K for his training camp.

Cough up some figures, y'all.

I'd like to know that UFC fighters are making more than unionized sanitation workers in downtown Chicago.
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