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The fact that Mir ONLY got paid $45000 is a lie. Add that to the fact that he probably got paid more than $150,000 in sponsorship money (it was UFC 100 anyways). Also, its clear a nice bonus for the promotional work he did (going on the radio shows, trash-talking, etc.), which the UFC has been known to give fighters who do an exceptional job of it. That bonus could be as much as an additional $150,000. Then comes the cut of the ppv that main and co-main eventers get in a climate like this--I heard Lesnar made around $3 million so I'd assume Mir got at least $750,000 (but less than GSP's cut since he was the second biggest draw on the ppv). Add all that up and you have a wopping $1.05 million--its obvious Mir wouldn't go onto a tour of Canada to promote the UFC if he made $45,000 on a $150,000,000 revenue ppv.
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