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Basic BJJ stuff, some guard passes. Didn't do full rolling, nursing the ankle and keeping it light.


Just did a couple 1 minute rounds throwing a constant combo. I felt completely exhausted and burnt out. When I told Kajan this he said "Good! You're done." and basically said that a combination of dieting, training my ass off, and nerves is making me feel like shit. It felt like overtraining to me. Either way, I'm done training and now a little rest and I finally get the chance to test myself this saturday. Tomorrow's my last day of work for about a week, going to walk to the weights gym every day and do some lengthy stretching sessions. Maybe get a massage.

Weight is 211lbs today. I'm drinking 7 quarts of water a day at the moment, tomorrow I cut that in half, then half again on thursday. Weigh in friday should be sauna free if I did this right, even if I didn't, I sweat easy and it's not a drastic cut. Then I down some pedialyte and electrolytes, hydrate and load on carbs and creatine and get my weight way back up and feel ready to tear shit up. We're doing the weigh in at the pro gym sometime on friday, then its about a 4 hour drive to Vernon where my event is held on the following day.

Our local hero Bibiano Fernandez won the Dream featherweight GP this morning. **** yeah. Wish I had a place to put some money on him before the GP started. Looking forward to doing some BJJ with him.

Catch his fights from this morning here
Bibi vs. Joe Warren
Bibi vs. Hiroyuki Takaya Part 1
Bibi vs. Hiroyuki Takaya Part 2

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