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Originally Posted by SigFig View Post
I Tivo'd it, and it didn't really look like a bad groin shot. It looked like he got a small nut shot and then in "selling" it, he fell into an upkick. I dunno, I'll have to watch it again, I suppose. And it didn't look like any of his handlers were tending to his balls during his timeout.

And him repeatedly turning away from Hansen's punches mid-punch, to turn them into "punches to the back of the head" was pretty weak as Mezger and Schiavello pointed out.

Not impressed.

Penn would annhilate him. (and I'm no Penn fan)
what would you do? See the punches coming and just sit there and take it in the face? Seriously, turning your head so your opponent can't hit you is pretty smart to me. Isn't that the point of fighting... to avoid damage while inflicting as much as you can? Unless you think being hit in the face like a man is somehow the right way to fight.
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