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Originally Posted by GKY View Post
Hey Ironman, I know this question has been asked, but honestly it's really not working for me. How do you escape side mount if your opponent is actually trying to lay and pray. In Judo every time someone gets to side control, all they care about is getting the hold down and not the finish. I can't seem to escape because I really suck a bridgeing. I wouldn't mind regaining guard however.

Another question. How do I regain guard from quarter guard. In BJJ I only train Gi, and any time someone gets to quarter guard, they just go for GI chokes instead of trying to pass. This makes it difficult for me to escape. Any advice?
Question #1

Grappling whether it be BJJ or Judo it's all about space. Guy on top wants to give you as little space as possible to keep you pinned to the mat. Guy on the bottom (you in this case) wants to create space. You get under someone with an excellent side control and it's a real pain to get out from under then because they take all the space and suck it up. You are going to have to create space...

What I would do is spend extra time working on your bridge and your shrimps...if you can get better at bridging and shrimping then you can escape side can't get your hips out and move them you are a sitting duck.

We have a few guys in our gym that are BIG and SUPER STRONG with killer side controls. What I always do in the gi is bump hard and shoot the inside arm in between the leg and want about middle of your forearm blocking the hip. Once I have that in place I'm going to reach across the throat with the outside arm and get a collar grip. From here I'm going to bridge hard, push off with both arms, and shrimp. From this position I'll have the interior knee on the inside (you should be on your inside hip) then I'll swing the outside leg in for a butterfly and swing myself into butterfly guard (or full guard depending on what I'm feeling like that day).

Edit: Forgot to mention, once you get the space and shrimp and have created the room to make your move you DO NOT want to let go of your hand grips. If you let go of these grips against a good grappler he's going to quickly make a move and pass you before you can establish your guard. Use your space and grips to keep him from passing you during transition. If you are rolling nogi and don't have the option for grips just make sure you have plenty of space.

Another good escape that's been working for me for a long time is feeding the inside arm completely under your opponent and coming out on the bottom side (around your waist). Once I get that arm free I'm going to shoot it up under my opponents armpit, bump up onto my outside hip, then scissor the legs, and try to come around the head (almost into a head lock position). With this escape you should end up on your knees in a neutral position...there is also a d'arce choke from here that I like catching people with, but I'd focus on getting out first and foremost.

Question #2 is a pretty good one. Tons of people get stuck in 1/4 guard and get caught with collar chokes, d'arce chokes, guillotine, armbars, etc...#1 thing you have to remember is to keep tight, you want to keep on your side and keep your body buried into his. I try to get my head around the belt region of my opponent and stay tight as possible. Once you get tight all you have to do is push on the knee and switch your hips to the other side to reset a complete half guard, then switch back the other way to solidify the position. Once you get there if you aren't good with half guard I'd try and set up a lockdown and work either ole school or plan b (depending if he posts the leg...always go for ole school first). If you aren't good at bumping your hips try and work your underhook and get back to dogfight position, which is neutral.

Hope this helps you some.

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