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Originally Posted by GKY View Post
Hey Ironman, I know this question has been asked, but honestly it's really not working for me. How do you escape side mount if your opponent is actually trying to lay and pray. In Judo every time someone gets to side control, all they care about is getting the hold down and not the finish. I can't seem to escape because I really suck a bridgeing. I wouldn't mind regaining guard however.

Another question. How do I regain guard from quarter guard. In BJJ I only train Gi, and any time someone gets to quarter guard, they just go for GI chokes instead of trying to pass. This makes it difficult for me to escape. Any advice?
About side control in Judo, what kind of side control exactly are you talking about? The standard yoko-shiho-gatame where he has one arm under your leg and another under your neck and arm, or a different one?

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