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Originally Posted by BlacklistShaun View Post
What I do is get both my hands in there (like I normally would for a shrimp escape) and then push off to make a little space. I'll shoot and underhook under on the outside arm side deep as I can. Once I have my underhook I'll scissor and roll into them using my underhook and head to drive them back (head to chest), which rolls them over. Is that close to what you are talking about??
No. The move I'm talking about consists of throwing up a leg (while still pinned), slipping the hips out and rolling the opponent into side control.

It's definitely not anything you'd see in jiu-jitsu, but it works the way judo guys pin.

Another one that I used on some of our Judo guys is getting the arm under and scooping a leg...keep driving into them until I feel them push into me hard trying to drive me down. When they push into me I turn hard away, lift as hard as I can with the leg, and bump all at the same time. It's a power move, but it works as long as the guy is close in size...I've actually done it to several guys that have 50+lbs. on me.
That sounds interesting. I'm not convinced I have the muscle mass to pull that off, but maybe I'll give it a try.

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