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Originally Posted by :-) View Post
Does the UFC take this tournament seriously? I mean if he beats Sapp and HMC, thats impressive, but can that get him back into the UFC? I'de love to see him fight Forrest, Rashad, Thiago, Jardine, etc.

HMC is a good kick boxer, but that's due to his size. Neither of these guys were or will ever be serious competitors, they get buy on mass. I enjoy watching both of them fight, but I can't see Dana considering them "worthy" opponents.

Sokky's antics from his first fight was... wow there aren't any words to describe how awful it was to watch him pummel a defeated opponent around the ref. Super hulk = freakshow. I love it, but we all know how Dana views this Japanese tradition.

He'll come back to UFC one day I'm sure of it, but he'll have to beat some high level competition first. How many top light-heavies are left outside the UFC?
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