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How Dangerous is Brett Rogers for Fedor Emelianenko?

Fedor Emelianenko (31-1 (1 NC)) is considered the greatest Mixed Martial Artist of all time. He has fought a who's who of fighters, pulling off 17 wins by submission and 7 knockouts to his name. He has won 11 gold metals in Sambo competitions over the past nine years, winning the Russian Combat Sambo Championship Gold Metal the past five years in a row. His only loss in MMA came by way of Doctor stoppage due to a cut. The cut was caused by an accidental illegal elbow, usually causing a fight to be a No Contest, but the fight was in tournament format so a winner had to be chosen to move on to the next round. Because of the cut Fedor was unable to continue.
Emelianenko has won five different championships in MMA, all were major organizations. Yet Fedor has never been involved in a fight with the UFC.

On November 7th, Fedor Emelianenko will be fighting against Brett Rogers (10-0). Rogers, who is relatively new to MMA, started fighting in May of 2006, and has less then 20 minutes of professional fighting experience. Yes, I typed that correctly, his 10 fights total up to less then 20 minutes in time, meaning that on average his fights last less then 2 minutes!
Rogers has nine knockouts to his name and one submission (Strikes). I personally think this is going to be Emelianenko's biggest challenge in the past few years, and most dangerous one at that. His knees and punches are thrown with so much power, and fighting at 6'5", weighing in at 265 pounds, one shot to the jaw means lights out. Rogers also has a 7.5 inch reach advantage over Fedor and a 5 inch height advantage.

Dana White of the UFC says he hopes that Rogers doesn't knockout Emelianenko. Though he says it's because he wants to have Emelianenko fight Brock Lesnar, I don't think Lesnar would even last 1 round with Rogers. Understandably, he wants Emelianenko to win so it looks better for the UFC if they were to ever sign a contract agreement. Though signing Emelianenko after a loss would not cost as much for the UFC as it would if he continues winning. In my opinion the UFC should be looking at Brett Rogers, who has equal reach and weight as the UFC Heavyweight Champion Lesnar.

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