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MMA Beginner


So I'm just starting the whole MMA thing. Actually, I haven't started yet. But I'd love to learn. I'm like 6ft, and 240 lb. I have muscle, but like no tone whatsoever. I haven't really trained in Muay Thai or BJJ or anything. Where I'm from, there's none of that here. A few gyms, but nothing specifically for any of that. I'm a pretty seasoned street fighter, and I've done some amateur wrestling. But I've never really worked out before. This morning, I jogged about two miles. But I just want to know like, the basics. Such as diet, workouts, training, etc. I'm kind of looking to gain some tone/muscle, but not so much weight. Actually, losing weight would be good. I'm looking to get more endurant(?) and be able to stay in a fight for a while. I can last three rounds, but I'm really exhausted by the end. I can take hits, and give them too. I tend to turn away if it gets close though, I need to work on that. And I'm pretty well rounded both standing and on the ground. So I'm just trying to find out how I can start this with little or no professional training at my disposal, no real previous training, and no motivation, honestly. I am willing to push myself, I'm just looking to you guys for something to kick start it.


P.S. Also, I'm still in school, so I can't like work out all day/eat five meals a day every day. I have about five hours a day that I can use. Thanks again.
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