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Originally Posted by WouldLuv2FightU View Post
Yea Al Gore got it too. For preaching about an unproven THEORY that now nobody even talks about anymore, whilst flying around in his private jet and getting escorted in his Escalade. The Nobel Committee is pretty much a joke IMO. Extremely radical liberals. I think everyone's starting to see it now, which sucks because it's ruining the most prestigious award in the world.
Why do you spit out the word "theory" like its meant to be a haphazard guess? This is why the general public should leave the science to those smart enough to do it.

Oh and I hope you realise that there are OTHER awards aside from the peace prize. It's the most recognised one because the common man knows more about "peace" than they do about physics or chemistry but I really don't see how them giving the peace prize to Obama suddenly cheapens the accomplishments of all those who got the other prizes.

Originally Posted by jdun11
This is by far the easiest and safest pick of the year in mma.
Originally Posted by jdun11
Nog's only chance is one of his miracle submissions, after taking a beating the entire fight.
Originally Posted by jdun11
But its not gay if you watch it with a hot chik.

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