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Firstly remember that not all of the mods have been here for long so cut us some slack. I have been modding/admin on forums for years and yes things can get a bit annoying sometimes, but that happens everywhere and communicating your troubles is always a good way to make sure the powers that be can try to make this a good site for everyone.

There are ways of banning people of course, but people just use different email accounts. Have you communicated your annoyances to the mods before? I am not in any way attacking you or questioning your judgement, merely trying to gain a better feeling for what has gone on before and how things could be made better for the future. By leaving you will simply bump into the 'school crowd' on a new website. There will always be the 'idiot element' as I call it. Getting rid of it would be like trying to wipe porn off the net (just not going to happen).

The best weapon for people who annoy you is to not even deem their posts worthy of comment. Don't let it stress you out. If they say something offensive to you then let one of us know and we will deal with it to the best of our abilities, otherwise not giving them the attention they crave is usually enough to make them find a new place to go get their jollies.

I am not expecting this to change your mind, merely hoping you will at least consider what I have said and know there is an element of truth to it. I am a little bothered by the 'once again' I am departing... because I can't bear it when people make grand leaving gestures only to come back later. That is attention seeking, but I'm sure that isn't what is happening here....

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