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Originally Posted by Toxic View Post
Read what I quoted again Rush, then think about where your from. It was a joke it shouldn't involve to much thinking..
Ok, that's what I thought. I couldn't understand why you would jokingly call me a prick if you agree with me?
My autism must be acting up again.

Originally Posted by wukkadb View Post
Wow, what a bunch of non-Patriotic yankee scum y'all are. Your president is awared a nobel peace prize unjustly, and you are questioning this?! What kind of Amurricans are you guys? You need to support your president 100% of the time, and never question him, or his peacefulness. kthx.
Maybe the Nobel committee was being sarcastic as well when they gave Obama the award. Geezuz! Does that make you feel better?
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