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Originally Posted by RushFan View Post
You must be the "Award Police" Obama himself said he didnt deserve the award but why not root for an American anyway? What great injustice occurred that compels you to rubbish his Nobel Prize?
I mean maybe Heath Ledger didn't deserve his Oscar but what kind of prick Australian would stand up and voice their disapproval?

Uh because guys like Bono, you know someone who actually does somthing rather than talk talk talk, doesnt win. Obamas win(at this point in time) ranks right up there with Henry Kissinger win for least deserving.Also anyone who saw the batman movie knows that Oscar had his name all over it.

My point was that the definition of "Patriotism" seems to change depending on who is leading the country.

Thats just the way it is. Some people think supporting the poor off the backs of hard working Americans is patriotism. I happen to think otherwise in most cases.

Yeah you should have because he's Communist.


answers in bold.

Originally Posted by NotDylan View Post
****en asd
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