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Originally Posted by Biowza View Post
Yeah, no idea why he won it. I mean, I like the guy and all but he's done jack all at the moment.

More to the point, why is there even a "Peace Prize"? "Peace" isn't exactly a field in which you can achieve excellence in.
I think Kalib Starnes has something to say about that. He has displayed many a peaceful showings. Excellently i might add.

First, why should anyone cheer for a person that wins a prize just because they are from the same country (even though some believe that our president isn't)? Seriously, I have nothing in common with Barack Obama other then the fact that we are both Americans. Does it make me less of a person because I am not supportive of his undeserving win? Less of an American?

If your answer is yes, then where do we draw the line on when to not blindly support people and their achievements on the solitary basis of us being from the same country?

Am I proud an American won the prize? Sure...but I would have rather had a deserving American win it. The problem is that most of the candidates that were "highly thought of" really didn't do anything to promote peace or be proactive about it. They really focused on repairing already unpeaceful situations. The one guy that cousels and treats **** victims in Africa is very deserving of some sort of recognition, but a Nobel Peace Prize is not really one that comes to mind. I don't know though. This is something (like most things) that should not be political in any aspect, but people make it that way just because Obama is a democrat (and I mean that literally not as code to suggest he is black). Another of the many reasons I hate the two-party system in America.

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