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Originally Posted by Biowza View Post
There are better watches than a Rolex out there. Do some research and then go from there.

You don't want to be spending that sort of money on something that you won't like/isn't as good as you think.
I think this is good advise. I'll check out some of the other watches mentioned. I have a nice Seiko that does the job just fine. I know watch people don't hold Seiko in real high regard but its work pretty well for me.

Originally Posted by CornbreadBB View Post
There are two major things I would be thinking about.... one, think about all the Cornbread poon you could get if you had a rolex, two, think about how bad ass you would look with a full body tatt done by a sick artist for that much money. It lasts forever and you'll end up getting Cornbread poon anyway.

With that much money, if not tattoos, I'd probably get a big ass dog, a cat and a shit ton of vodka.

Glad I could be so much help.
The day is young but this right here has got to be the post of the day. Cornbread poon, thats awesome! lmfao!!
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