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Well I guess I'll go over a few of the details of the first fight. There was a few little panics along the way, which I'm guessing is going to be normal. The weigh ins were switched to Vernon so we headed up there the day of, about a 4 hour drive. On my way I found out that they had lost all my medical papers so there was a big rush to get to the clinic and get the copies faxed over. Then Kajan's car was breaking down so he got to the actual fight just in the nick of time. There was also some drama about the room I was staying in because I brought my training partner along. Everything worked out in the end.

I cut the weight easily without sweating a drop. My home scale turned out to be a few lbs off, so I actually cut to 201lbs through the water manipulation I had planned. After the weigh-in I downed a liter of pedialyte, then a liter of gatorade mixed with creatine mono, then I drank about a liter of water an hour and ate a big bowl of whole grain pasta and chicken. Kept snacking and drinking water throughout the night and relaxed in the hotel room with my friend and watched some T.V. Alot of the guys from our camp went out to the bars all night.

Day of the fight I was in a pretty somber mood. Grabbed breakfast and dennys and kept the hydration and carb loading going. I ended up getting to about 211lbs around fight time, which means if my scale was more accurate and I didn't cut an extra 4 lbs, I would have been at my target of 215. Turns out I was bigger than this guy anyhow, I saw him at the weigh in, he was shorter than me by a fair margin...thicker than me, but by no means scary steroid big. Some of the guys took me out to a school field to do some shadowboxing and breathing exercises. This helped me get rid of some nervous energy.

We checked out the venue well before and did a last minute medical thing. Went back to the hotel and relaxed and then went to the event about an hour before it began. I was the second fight on the card which I thought was great - I wasn't breaking the ice, and I wasn't shitting myself in the back room all night. I fell into a real quiet mood. I have been practicing a few meditation skills and I think it paid off, I just focused on becoming completely present and aware, accepting and acknowledging emotions as they came but not feeding them any energy.

Kajan gave me the best warmup I saw back there. We ran around a bit, a few sprints, tumbling, rounds on the pads, take downs and some ground stuff. I was feeling exhausted by the end, but by 5 minutes later I was relaxed, warm, fresh and ready to go.

The fight was fun. I posted it above so I won't really go through alot. It's true what they say about looking half as good in sparring as your do in training, and half again as good in fighting as you do in sparring. I felt sloppy and had full tunnel vision going on. Luckily the other guy was feeling it too. He looked real nervous when I got in, he was staring directly ahead in my direction, but wouldn't look me in the eyes and was moving around alot.

The basic plan was to keep him at a range and use my reach, try to keep it standing. That lasted about 10 seconds until he came into me swinging and I stepped towards the ropes. Luckily when we threw simultaneous body kicks mine dropped him. When he got up and we tied up, I felt stronger than him so I went with it, drove him into the corner, relaxed a bit and threw a few knees, when he moved over more to the ropes he landed an uppercut on me, pretty much the only clean shot I took, and then I got angry and returned the favor. That uppercut landed nicely and then the following knee I threw went straight to the liver. That dropped him and I opened up just punching him on his way down, at which point I knew the ref would be running up behind me at any moment. Done in 47 seconds.

I can't describe how I felt following that. I've never felt so untouchable. Just walked around the venue full of energy, people giving me props. Ran outside to get the booze rolling, then went back in to watch the fights. Signed my first autograph. We went out for some more food and drinks, and then back to our hotel room still feeling just completely livid. A little while later I crashed completely and fell asleep.
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