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And finally my third installment of the night.

Following the fight I took a week off to rest up old injuries and enjoy myself. I drank lots of booze, smoked a couple joints, and ate alot of crap. It's been nice.

Looking ahead, our gym is hosting a BJJ tournament nov. 7th and 8th that I'd like to enter. I'll be in the blue belt division and I'm not by any means a seasoned jiu jitsu competitor or a seasoned blue belt. This will give me some seasoning though.

My focus until then is going to be primarily jiu jitsu as well as getting back into lifting for strength to get my walking weight back to about 220lbs, I'm 210 today.

After that we can start looking towards my next fight. Kajan mentioned an event in the end of November, but I'm going to Vegas for UFC 106 and am going to be doing all sorts of unhealthy activities. I'll be hoping for a fight early in the new year. Once I get my license back in about a month, I'll be heading out to the fortress for more training. I've outgrown my local gym, with the exception being Dave Rothwell's BJJ class, which still has plenty of room for me to grow.

I lifted today. It had been 5 weeks and I just had a week off, so I started low.

Squat 6,6,6 @ 225lbs
Deadlift 6,6,6 @ 225lbs
DB Bench Press 6,6,6 @ 70lbs
Chin Up 6,6,6 @ b/w + 10lbs
DB Curls 9 @ 50lbs

I did a set of dumbbell curls for dessert. Ready for more weight.
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