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Originally Posted by jdun11
this isnt even worth arguing tyson would have a chance for about ten seconds, than he'd be on his back, and for one of u guys to say tyson is strongere than fedor, u gotta be crazy, ask ne of those guys he fights that he throws around like a rag doll..this is just a terrible match up for tyson, fedor wouldnt strike wit him he'd turn this into a lopsided sambo match..fedor wins by any freakin way he choses!!!

This is obviously a hypothetical dream match-up but I have to agree here 100%. Remember Fedor's expression when Kevin Randleman suplexed him on his did'nt even change....he did'nt even blink. This is toughness that is off the scale and Mike Tyson could not even begin to hang with him for more than a couple of minutes....if he was lucky.
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