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Originally Posted by ZZtigerZZ81 View Post
I agree...but some things could have gone slightly different for each of us and it would have made it that much different. For instance, Eli hits Smith on that long bomb early on third down...tie game. Sharper gets to keep his pick 6...instead of that lame call on Vilma for hitting Eli. If it was a helmet-2-helmet call I don't question it, but it was a roughing call and that doesn't work. Vilma was in the air before Eli let the ball foul.

Their defense isn't missing 3 starters...could be different. They are a great doubt about it, but Brees has been unstoppable early on against the two best teams we have played (Eagles and Giants)...and that made them mistakes for the other teams that much worse and put them out of reach and made them one dimensional.

I am worried about next week against the Dolphins...we are different on the road (see Buffalo), the Dolphins control the clock (see vs Indy), and their run defense is GREAT. WE have a distinct advantage against their safeties that always cheat up in the box and their corners that can't cover college WR's. Other then that though, I think they have advantages in most match-ups. We'll see...and we are coming off a huge win and may lose a little focus.
I hope they do not lose focus. I hope they continue to play how they have so far. If they do then I think they can give any team in the NFL lots of trouble.
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