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Thank you to the informed posters at the end. To all those who say Kung Fu fighters cannot take blows. Goto youtube and you will find videos of 12 year old Gong Fu student monks doing 2 FINGER PUSH UPS. And another one they show them holding their bodies up right when their entire weight is rested on a cloth strap on their neck and they do so without hanging themselves. How many Muay Thai fighters can hang themselves by their necks without suffocating? How many of them at age 12 can do that and do 2 finger push ups? And my favorite shows them slowly pushing a spear into a students neck right above the clavicle and he's able to bend the spear without the tip stabbing through his neck.

Gong fu fighters are not all showy and spiritual. Yes alot of branches and styles of Gong Fu are but to say there's a "single" Gong Fu is like saying theirs only one style of MMA. So you cant generalize a collection of different systems of martial arts that spans several THOUSAND years.

And to say Muay Thai is more realistic and more likely to win in a street fight, well then what do you say to Kimbo Slice? In all his comments he says hes undisputed in street fighting and he makes a clear distinction between MMA and street fighting. So does that make Kimbo's style of street fighting more realistic than MMA Muay Thai or Thai style Muay Thai? You can make generalizations blindly like that.

And I'm not generalizing in any way when I say Gong Fu is much more diverse and complex in styles and techniques than Muay Thai. So comparing the two is like apples and oranges. And historically speaking Gong Fu master's and or their disciples often did fight other schools and styles to prove their superiority. So Gong Fu has a long tradition of practicality besides it's spiritual aspect.

So when one compares Gong Fu and Muay Thai, how about let's compare Krav Maga and Muay Thai? Nothing illegal in Krav Maga and anything goes. So does that make Krav Maga more realistic or more of a street fighting technique than Muay Thai?
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