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My favorite year of my life was 2007, thats when everyday was truely a blast. I was only 20 back then and that was about when I learned that when you want something you need to go after it. But I didn't realize was that once you achieve that, you have to repeat the process to get something else - that long hard process. That cycle continues throughout your life if you are truly willing to make something of yourself.

Back then, everyday was a good time. I was surrounded by great people, had a band, began training to become a fighter, drove a nice vehicle, had money, a great girl. Life was good. But after a while it was like "bla! now what do I do?" ya know?
My mind just began to fall apart and I stopped caring about all these things I had. I wanted to have nothing again and work my way up from scratch because I think I like living that life better than being secure for tomorrow. Life was the best for me when I had a simple mind, before I learned the important things about being a man. Now, I have a great job and great things are expected of me by my friends and family. I am meant to be successful now.

I don't wish everyday was a party. I do but I don't. You can't do any type of activity for too long before it takes its toll on you but when you find that perfect balance of the things that make you happy, I think thats when life is the best, and that's what I had back in early 2007.
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