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I miss 2007. It was the year when I found my true love. I met her back in our Grade 10 english class but it was a month after the semster had begun... February 27-28th 2007 to be exact when she and I started going out. My 'friend' hooked me up with her, he basically just asked If I knew the girl in the class and if I was interested. Obviously I was nervous since I've never been with another girl before back then but I said yes... had nothing to lose I thought.

I sat next to her and asked if she had some extra pencil crayons... ROFL. I had no idea where the f*ck I was going with that so I just wrote my number down and gave it to her. She smiled and the rest was history... We started hanging out every single day, skipping classes, going over to each others places (25-30 minutes away rofl), helping each other with our homework, the daily sex we had, drinking heineken or any sort of beer once or twice a week at my place, etc. I got this girl to wrestle with me rofl... I'd always be able to double leg or suplex her. She didn't have much luck doing that to me unless I wanted her to. Damn her punches to my rib cage hurt... leg kicking me hurt even more. For a 5'4" 145-150 pound girl she hits hard. She's very muscular in the arms and legs so I wasn't that surprised. We would always talk to each other on msn every night and sometimes early in the morning not to mention webcam. We were obsessed with each other to sum it up.

Both of us watched old PRIDE fights, UFC 69 and a lot of KOTC fights on PPV. They were basically reruns but it was tons of fun watching Wanderlei getting KO'd by Hendo or Matt Serra smashing GSP.

By the time April, May, June 2007 hit we were biking every single day from my place to hers after school was done at 3. I hung out with her and her friends from time to time walking near some path that leads to the pizza shop but honestly I kinda enjoyed it and hated it at the same time.

I asked her opinion a week or so before Chuck fought Rampage for the second time. She told me to bet on Rampage because 'He's gonna knock chuck the f*ck out' LOL. I didn't want to believe her but we all know what happened soon after. I had to bike with her to her place at 9:50 pm it was pitch dark and UFC 71 was starting in 10 minutes so I had to hurry back after but I was disapointed that she couldn't watch it with me, our first UFC event together. I had to wait until UFC 73: Stacked til we could watch an event. lol.

Anyways to end my past rant... It was fun while it lasted. Those first 4 months of us getting to know each other and love one another are the best memories next to our daughter being born last fall. Sure July, August, September, October, November, and December were just as good but by July we slowed down on the biking, the non stop console gaming, the continuous advantures going from one place to another, and talking with some of our old friends from school. The MSN'ing stopped too since she started sleeping over at my place early July. The crazy thing was that both of our folks approved and for the next 8-10 months both of us slept in the same bed together. How many teenage couples are like that? I'd assume not a lot. We both aced all our classes in high school, especially her since she was an A+++ biology wiz. I barely passed grade 10 math... Shameful but I could care less about it now lol.

2007 was great in general and I'm proud to say that I'm still with this girl even now. Without her I'd be nothing... She's the person that made me who I am today. We're both 18 now so we've matured a lot since 16. We dropped our teenage 'fighting' and constant video game playing a long time ago so we're much more normal/stable now lol. I would go back just to relive a lot of what I did back in 2007.

Magical times. It's funny and sad how long ago my memories were since I remember the past like it happened yesterday.

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