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Fieos, I apologize for my lack of knowledge to this matter.
My current instructor moved to Canada to help his wife get American citizenship so eventually he will come back. x.x

I will try to get ahold of him and ask for more reasoning behind rechambering. As of now I am helping teach at his school with his mother (fourth degree) and his sister (fifth degree). I will question them about this aswell though I doubt they will give me knowledge to the extent that I would be satisfied.

Regarding the method of "pulling" the kick back, that makes it seem as if you literally mean to stop the power like when using extreme control to fight lower ranks(this is not what I mean). When you fight them you don't slow your kicks down but stop the complete power. When fighting and you kick, you throw all your kicks with 100% effort. When you hit a target you don't "stop" the kick but in a means of getting ready for another you would snap it back. As you said you do sometimes when throwing multiple kicks. Many things I might say contradict themselves, this is simply because sometimes when you're taught something you may not know the exact way to do it.

Say like when you are doing calculus, you are being taught the methods by a teacher but when you hear another teacher say this method here can be better you may not know which is right.

As of now I am confused but I suppose that is one of the lessons of youth.

I do sincerely apologize if I sound arrogant or biast, I don't mean to be. Everything that is told to me I do and will take into account. I respect everyones way of doing things and I am aware just because you're taught something does not mean it is right, if this comes to be the case I will simply ask how to do it right. :]

Swpthleg, I'm glad someone else aknowledges who they are as it seems in todays TKD "scene" most places I have asked around told me they had no clue what I was talking about so it must be a lie which is very disappointing to me. I have a little information given to me about them and the palgwe hyung (pattern) corresponding with each other.

Hwa-Rang Tul (29 movements)
Hwa Rang is named after the Hwa Rang youth group which originated in the Silla Dynasty in the early 7th century. The 29 movements refer to the 29th infantry Division, where Taekwondo developed into maturity.

This is a passage we are to memorize before we can achieve our first dan along with a passage for each of our palgwe hyung corresponding to the history behind it.

I highly respect the information BOTH of you provide for this community aswell as every other contributing member. I feel as if I learn so much everyday I read through the masses of topics, threads, opinions, methods, and facts.

My spelling may be terrible which I am not proud of but please bare with me.

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