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MMA Fantasy Draft: Anything goes!

Due to the very slow draft process of the other drafts that I have been, I will only allow select members into this Draft. I don't got anything against you, but if you have like 6 posts, and you don't come on very often, you are going to ruin this for all of us. My goal is to have the draft done by Feb 2nd, in time for the IFL show.

These are the rules;

1. There will be between 8-10 rounds. You may draft any fighter that you like, however they will only get points from competing in UFC, Pride, IFL, Strikeforce, Bodog, EliteXC and K-1(heros). We may add more events later. This is good because let's say a fighter you drafted decided to leave the company you are doing a draft in, thus your pick is useless. With this, that problem shouldn't occur.

2. You will have exactly 24 hours to make a pick. If you don't respond in this time, your pick will be dropped to the bottom of the round. If you don't reply twice in a row, you will be replaced/removed.

3. If a user is removed, his picks will be eligble for draft. If a user is replaced, the replacement will inherit the draft picks.

4. Trading IS allowed. If to user's agree on a deal, I will approve this. It makes it more interesting.

PLEASE, if you are not up to the commitment, do not join! I will develop a scoring system before we start drafting. It will most likely be the same as previous drafts.

I will open registration. 15 spots are open, however I will be very strict with my removal process. If 15 spots are taken, still drop your name as I am predicting a lot of people are going to be inactive. You must have a minimum of 100 POSTS to be enter. Good luck!

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