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As others have said, I think this simply says more about Rua than it does about Machida. I still believe, and I'm hardly a die-hard Lyoto fan, that Machida is capable of laying waste to 3/4s of the LHW division. But Rua showed last night that he, too, is a part of that upper echelon of UFC fighters, and so it comes as no surprise to me that he was able to give Machida problems. I always knew that if Shogun could return to form he would pose problems for any and everyone at LHW, and he proved that last night. We need remember that Machida has handed some rather lopsided defeats to some very talented fighters. That he was finally challenged last night is not at all reason to question his skills, but more so reason to tout the return of a Shogun who turned many heads back in the days of Pride. Lyoto said his next performance will be more convincing. I tend to believe him.
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