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I've always had the same question about TKD. Everytime I talk to someone that does TKD they tell me they do it then immediately say "but my school is not like the ones you hear's hardcore and they only teach stuff that works in the real world". Now with that being said...I have heard this from literally every single person that I have ever come across that does TKD, so if all the TKD schools out there are "real fight schools" then where are all the McDojo's?

On a side note when I was doing Muay-Thai for a few years a long time ago my instructor passed away and I had to find another place to train. At the time there were no other MT schools around so I started going to TKD and Karate schools just for some sparring. They would always get mad because I refused to learn forms and test, but I did get in some matches with lots of TKD guys. I have to say that I didn't find one school where I'm from that was for real. They were riddled with guys who thought TKD was the most effective striking art on the face of the earth (thanks to their instructors), then comes along a descent MT kickboxer who's tearing them apart, which coupled with the fact I refused to test and learn forms got me kicked out of several TKD schools.

From my experience in most TKD schools I went too they only did point sparring and the ones that did "free" sparring only did light contact to the body and only punched to the head (light contact). I for the life of me could not figure out how to get someone to fight me light contact on the street so I wrote it off as pretty useless.

I don't have anything against TKD. As a matter of fact I have several good friends who have their own TKD schools and are pretty high ranking black belts. They are down to earth guys for the most part, but some of them think they are Jean-Claude Van Damme. One TKD instructor that I'm friends with (5th black) has a son that's 1st black under him. I was joking around with him one day saying "hey man, when we gonna spar?" and his dad looked at him and said "son, he did MT kickboxing for a long time...unless you want to be walking around on crutches from getting kicked in the legs I wouldn't suggest it".

I'm not trying to start a fight about any of this. I'm simply speaking from my experience. I think there are some salvagable things in TKD, but I feel for the most part if you are gonna talk about street effectiveness there is no comparisson between MT and TKD. TKD is a point sport for the most part while MT is a fight sport.

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