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Originally Posted by BlacklistShaun View Post
I'm having a little trouble understanding what you mean by "TKD doesn't really start until the black belt level". Are you saying that you don't do forms and all that junk after black belt? Do all the techniques suddenly change after you get your black belt? Are there some kind of new fighting tricks they teach you once you get your black belt?

The way I'm taking it you are saying that once you get your black belt you can pretty much take what you learned and change it to what you want. If that's the case and you take things FROM TKD and make them "your own" and make them work for you, then you are not actually doing that art anymore, you are changing it to something else that's not TKD. One of the biggest fallings in styles like Karate and TKD is that it's pretty well written in stone...this is the style, bottom line. That's why I love BJJ so much...if someone comes up with a new move or something that works it's incorporated and next thing you know just about every school across the country is doing it, but you don't see that diversity in TKD and is what it is.
TKD has and continues to evolve. It is an ever-changing art, especially when it comes to footwork. Are there a lot of crappy schools? Sure. Are some focused on kids' grades and behavior and not on true combat? Sure. Are some of the rules and techniques of sport TKD terrible for real combat? Sure. That being said, there are also many TKD schools that teach tradition, sport, and combat and their differences very well and those schools seem to have no problem producing TKD practitioners whose techniques hold up just fine in the combat department. I've personally witnessed others' success and experienced it myself.

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