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Originally Posted by americanfighter View Post
yha but as i said in my origonal post when someone can bite you losts of hose go out the window. arm bar bit the leg triangle bite the leg looking for one that keeps your body far enough away from the guys teeth so he cant bite you. thats the problem
I really dont understand your imposition unless you are fighting someone who has rabies??

Let someone bite you...they won't be doing it for long when you snap their arm. I promise you the last thing on their mind will be biting you.

Let me clarify in what I mean. If I get in a street fight I will go for an armbar (just for example). I'm not really looking to break the other guys arm per say, but rather make him give up. If he does bite me, he's just made up my mind and I'm going to break his arm and he's going to be in a much worse situation than me. I mean realisticly someone can bite you standing up...just ask Evander Hollyfield.

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