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To clarify a little more on what "I would do". Let me give you a few examples hypothetically speaking in a "street fight" situation.

I go for armbar and secure it. He bites me. I break his arm. He most likely isn't thinking about biting me anymore. If he continues to bite me I break his wrist. If he's still biting me I snap his forearm. I promise you he's not biting me anymore.

I go for Kimura or key lock. He bites me. I rip his shoulder clean out of socket. if he continues to bite me I switch to straight arm lock and break his arm. If he continues to bite I break his wrist. If he continues to bite I switch to arm triangle and choke him unconcious.

Not that it matters anyhow because the first bone you break they are done, they won't continue to bite, if they do however have no pain receptors in their brain and aren't effected by having their limbs broken then continue to break stuff until they give up. I would break something and say "you done yet or you want me to break more?" and continue doing this until they removed their teeth from my body.
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