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Originally Posted by americanfighter View Post
yha you may be right and if its a average guy then ya you could snap it pretty quickly but I am worried about the big muscle guys getting time to think .

I am going to start bjj as soon as I can. I have trained in Ba Gua for a while and loved it but I have developed enough power in my palm heel strikes and knees I'm kinda afraid to use them on an average guy.
For about the last month I have been giving private lessons to a body builder. He is MUCH stronger than I...we aren't even in the same league. When I get an armbar on him I don't have a problem extending it and finishing it. Once it's extended it takes a fraction of a second to snap it.

Another thing you have to remember about BJJ is it's all about position. If you are in a postion to get a sub, that doesn't mean you have to go for a sub. Most positions of dominance in BJJ are on top, which gives you the option to bring the rain on their ass. Let's be realistic here, who's gonna bite you when they are getting their face pounded in? Who's gonna bite you when they just got their arm snapped? Very slim chance they'll continue to bite you.
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