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Stop Feeling Sorry For Your Self!!!

Recently I ran across a post that I found rather disturbing. this poster who will remain anonymous talked about struggles and that others dont know what real struggle is and feels he is entitled to things because of past struggles. I tell you this is bull shit.

I dont know if you have notice but my sig has changed. it is a part of a quote from my favorite movie The Hustler. The full quote is as follows.

Bert Gordon: Eddie, is it alright if I get personal?
Fast Eddie: Whaddaya been so far?
Bert Gordon: Eddie, you're a born loser.
Fast Eddie: What's that supposed to mean?
Bert Gordon: First time in ten years I ever saw Minnesota Fats hooked... really hooked. But you let him off.
Fast Eddie: I told you I got drunk.
Bert Gordon: Sure you got drunk. You have the best excuse in the world for losing; no trouble losing when you got a good excuse. Winning... that can be heavy on your back, too, like a monkey. You'll drop that load too when you got an excuse. All you gotta do is learn to feel sorry for yourself. One of the best indoor sports, feeling sorry for yourself. A sport enjoyed by all, especially the born losers.
Everyone struggles some more than others but any idiot can sit there and give up and start feeling sorry for themselves. We remember those who over come their obstacles not those stop and complain and start to feel sorry for themselves and expect others to give them what they feel they are entitled to. Those who are mentally strong will be the ones who prevail. those who have the will to succeed will succeed. Believe me I know. Don't be a born looser.

"The fat man flies at midnight"
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