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Originally Posted by swpthleg View Post
We were going to go as Mary Katherine Gallagher and a priest, but the party got cancelled. However the smallest Swplet is going trick-or-treating (as a nerd LMFAO) and staying over at her friend's house, and the older Swplet will probably have her little guy friend over.

This means L&M and I can indulge in a horror film frenzy, or he might take me out OMGWTFBBQ!
If you haven't seen it, and you don't live in the proximity of a high school, I would suggest Paranormal Activity as the scary movie to see.

I grew up on horror films, and am pretty much immune to them. Once every couple of years, I'll see one that doesn't either:
a) put me to sleep; or,
b) make me laugh hysterically.

PA had the potential to creep me out. Unfortunately, I had a bunch of HS idiots sitting around me, texting, answering phones, and ruining any bit of suspense that was building.

Newly 30, and already, I'm disgruntled...
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