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Originally Posted by MarkMckee View Post
Hello, First i would like to tell you my name is Mark, right now i am sitting at 295 LBS 6'8 Height - Looking to eventualy be Pro heavyweight within ONE year or around there i have a few qustions maybe a few of you can take the time and answer

1. Starting with 0 experiance other then street fight, out of shape, but very highly motivated with positive attitude, should i look for a partner to train with, or start alone?

2. I have been told by 2 former UFC fighters, that Dana is ALWAYS open to new heavyweight especialy this yeat, information on this would be great how likly it is.

3. Should i start off with classes? Or pay the money for PERSONAL PRIVATE seasons?

4. Should i post back-yard fights, organized basement fights and other such on youtube and other website to make a new for myself?

5. Anyone recomend MMA Gyms to start off with? or even stick to? I'm not lookin to mess around time to get serious!

1. Training with a partner can keep you motivated but there is n huge difference, just find a good gym to train at.

2. Don't mean to sound like a dream killer, but not too likely, only because you have 0 experience, train hard, fight some amateur fights, then go pro fighting for smaller organizations, work your way up to the big show, dont start there

3. This is up to you, if you have the money to blow, go with the private lessons, only because you will have all attention directed to you.

4. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO, do NOT do this AT ALL

5. Well if your in Toronto, look at Toronto BJJ.

Also just a side note, The Ultimate fighter is a great way to get your name out there, the tryouts are open to anyone and you could really go far from there

Originally Posted by Tyson2011 View Post
just because you can street fight doesnt mean you can cage fight theres a HUGE difference. gl going pro on zero experience, i look forward to seeing you downed faster than kimbo soon
What is your problem ass hole? He is asking for advice and instead of helping you just crush his dreams.
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