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Dan Hardy, Mike Swick, Ben Henderson are 3 top level MMA fighters with Tae Kwon Do backgrounds that spring to mind.
Dan Hardy did do TKD no argument there, but he switched and started training Muay Thai and using that as his striking base. If TKD was so good why would he switch to Muay-Thai??

Mike Swick trains out of American Kickboxing Academy which does BJJ, Judo, and kickboxing. As far as Iím aware there is no one there teaching TKD. If you know of a TKD instructor that is teaching TKD at AKA then please share your information.

Ben Henderson is a wrestler. He does have a black belt in TKD, but thatís not that hard since most schools pretty much give them out. If you go look at where he trains and how he trains he relies on his wrestling more than anything.

There's always been a stigma attached to combat sports in the traditional martial arts. The more committed a practitioner was to their art, the less likely they were to fight in front of a crowd for money,
So you are saying that the guys who do compete in combat sports, in front of crowds, for money are less dedicated to martial arts than people who donít? I would think just the opposite actuallyÖ

in many cases, doing so would get them kicked out of their school.
I have been to many TKD schools and most of them didnít want any of their students competing anywhere. A couple of them told me they didnít want them competing against any other martial art except TKD so I lied and told them I had done TKD before. In all cases of those schools I found out real fast why they didnít not want them going out competing, especially against other martial artsÖbecause they would have immediately left and went elsewhere. As a matter of fact there was one school I went too that was issued an invitation to a local Shotokan Karate club tournament. The instructor at the TKD school told his students that anyone who went would be kicked outÖI wondered why. A few of the students didnít care and went anyhowÖthey got their asses handed to them.

Iím not trying to say that all schools that tell you not to compete suck, but a lot of them donít want people competing for the strict fact that they want to retain students and keep them from going to better schools/arts.

For example, the TKD school I used to train and teach at is also an ATT certified MMA school.
You were at a TKD school that was certified by American Top Team??? I am going to have to call b.s. on that my friend. What was the name of the school and Iíll ask Liborio personally if the school was certified under ATT.
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